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Beach Yoga

TMSS Yoga 

is for the musculoskeletal system, it helps you to build strength, increase mobility and improve well-being.


Are you looking for the right way that will finally help you to feel better in your body?

Maybe you've already tried many variations of yoga, exercise programs, fascia release and found it worked - for a while,
at least. But the pains returned, more violent than before,
and this time you felt like going back to square one - and even
not for the first time.

Then another day comes and the body stiffens and tenses, and the pain comes back quickly, then there is little else to do but to think
this old thought:

Before you lose all hope, you need to know that you don't have to
accept constant pain.

There is a solution.

"Will I feel like this for the rest of my life?"

A man holding to his back as he is having back pain

TMSS Yoga is at the forefront of practice and exersise.
It creates balance in the body and mind by combining education, exercises and meditation.

Is this what you've been looking for?

Is your body often stiff and tension?

Have a hard time concentrating and have a hard time
with sleep?

Have you suffered traumas that create great
tension in your body?

Do you have hip and back pain and nothing has helped you so far?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

Image by Tim Foster
Image by Ilona Frey


Relieve tension and pain, once and for all!

TMSS YOGA works, so say many experiences from students and myself.

You will be given tools for future self-care and shown exactly how to move correctly to release stiffness and tension.

This time we train differently

and handling larger objects.



Rekindle your passion
for practice

TMSS YOGA is specially designed for the musculoskeletal system and is a fun mix of exercises from various disciplines. It's your way to reinvigorate your yoga practice and spark interest during effective exercises.

This unique approach not only increases physical well-being, but also a new feeling, passion and dedication to practice, whether it is yoga or other forms of exercise.
to discuss.

Increasing knowledge about the musculoskeletal system will allow you to understand your body's capabilities.

Listening to Music


Relax in exercises that release tension and stiffness

Gentle TMSS YOGA and guided breathing and mindfulness, will be the motivation to release built-up stress allowing your body to fully relax during practice, and afterwards.


Stress release is often the missing link to lasting well-being in the body.


When you engage in exercise, you will quickly notice a shift towards a more relaxed state of mind and body.

Hæ, ég er Rakel Eyfjörð

Rakel Eyfjörð the owner of TMSS YOGA
Yoga class up word facing dog

I am a Yoga teacher who is obsessed with the structure of the body and its power to heal itself.

My goal is to educate practitioners with a gentle approach to exercises that relax muscles and give you time to reconnect with your body. With continued practice, you receive the gift of mental and physical well-being for the future.

The right tools are so important for simple yoga movements and at the same time learning how the body is in nature. Movement is so much more than a physical state, we so often forget the spiritual side, the true connection to the self. Increasing awareness of our well-being with the right yoga system may well be the key you've been looking for.

TMSS YOGA is my approach to exercise and it's from a variety of sources: Vinyasa yoga, release of connective tissue, deep stretching, chair exercises and meditation to name a few - but also biology and self-therapy, because I believe that's what we've been missing with exercise to feeling better.


Body and mind are one, and only by paying attention to both these aspects can we feel much better day by day without going back to the painful starting square.

I invite you to join me on a fun and interesting yoga journey and I look forward to introducing you to a new way to discover yourself and learn this magnificent system.

With love,

Rachel Eyfjörður

The courses

Stretching in a yoga class




Get interested in exercise and
get rid of body aches.

Rolling class for pain relive

Release of connective tissue and muscle tension

Roll and massage the body
for better well-being.


Yoga Nidra

Strength comes both from within as from the outside.


Buda sitting and meditate

Many training systems leave the student exhausted afterwards. TMSS Yoga leaves you feeling energized, peaceful and rejuvenated and is the ideal way to start each day.