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Personuvermd og gagnanotkun

Privacy policy

Privacy Policy YogaHofið ehf. ID 540920-1250

Yogahof's privacy policy explains what personal information is collected, for what purpose and how that information is handled. This privacy policy applies to personal data and personal information of practitioners and other customers of the YogaHof. The data can be in any format, eg electronic, written and spoken language.

Personal information is according to the Act on Personal Protection and Processing of Personal Information no. 90/2018 "information about an identified or identifiable individual". This can, for example, be information such as social security number, location data, name or other information that identifies a person. YogaHOof cares about your privacy and respects your right to privacy. We ensure that the law is always followed when processing and collecting personal information and that no data is collected unless the person has given their consent. The same applies to the processing of personal data about children.

Personal information collected by YogaHOfi

YogaHofið collects the following information about its customers:

  • Name

  • Home address

  • National ID number

  • Telephone number

  • Email address

  • Bank/payment card information

  • Information about subscription contracts, courses and other services purchased at YogaHofin

This information is necessary for the identification and security of practitioners and other customers

Use and sharing of information

YogaHofið uses the personal information of customers and practitioners in order to serve them, assist and provide solutions to their issues. This applies, for example, to changes and renewals of subscription contracts. YogaHofið also uses personal information for business purposes, for example for accounting and invoicing. Personal information is also used to present marketing materials to practitioners, for example in telephone or e-mail communications. Practitioners and clients of the YogaHof have the right not to receive marketing material and they must contact the YogaHof if they wish not to receive such material.

YogaHofin never communicates personal information to third parties without the consent of its practitioners and clients. The parties to whom YogaHofið can provide personal information depending on the circumstances are, for example, employers and trade unions that require confirmation of the person's subscription agreement. Such information is provided in accordance with the agreement between the practitioners and the relevant association or employers.

YogaHofið also reserves the right to share personal information with service providers and contractors when working on various projects. Only necessary information for the processing of projects is provided. Contractors and other service providers are obliged to use only the information they have access to for the aforementioned purposes. If practitioners and other customers of the YogaHofin request personal information about themselves, the person must show identification and be present in the YogaHofin. Sensitive personal information is never provided over the phone or email.

Preservation and protection of personal information

The YogaHofi strives to keep information about practitioners accurate and up-to-date. YogaHofið also encourages its practitioners and customers to report any changes to their personal information. Personal information collected by YogaHofið is stored in the company's computer and accounting system. Data about customer transaction history is stored in the wix computer system from Wix and is also hosted there. All personal data is only stored as long as necessary.

Customer attendances are recorded in an app and are stored in the same database serviced by wix and transferred to the YogaHof's wix   system. It is necessary to store the personal information of practitioners while they are doing business with the YogaHofi. Information is stored as long as necessary.

Access to personal information is limited and the utmost security is ensured during its protection and storage.

Your right

Practitioners and customers of the YogaHof have the right to have their information corrected if required. Practitioners also have the right to object to the collection of information about them and can exercise their right to be forgotten and to have collected information about them deleted. Practitioners and clients also have the right to have data about them handed over for inspection. YogaHofið reserves the right to collect certain information that is necessary to provide services to its customers. If it is requested that personal data is not processed for marketing purposes, this does not affect the services that the person has purchased and is entitled to.

If practitioners and other customers wish to use this right, they must request it separately from the YogaHofi and must be able to identify themselves, for example by presenting ID. These requirements are only to protect the safety and interests of Sporthús customers.


YogaHofið reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, you can call 8409440 or email us at

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