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  • Isn't TMSS YOGA classes and classes just regular yoga?
    No, it goes beyond traditional yoga, a mixed exercise system from various sources. A scientific and evidence-based approach is taken with an emphasis on connecting exercise with physiology or anatomy. The courses follow the simple idea that movement is medical. The TMSS YOGA technique is to help people regain their mobility through detailed guidance in exercises and to gain a better understanding of their own body and its capabilities. With this approach the practitioner recovers for a long time. Classes and courses are suitable for everyone - beginners to advanced, because different versions are offered for most positions, if necessary.
  • Do the courses include singing or playing crystal bowls or gongs?
    No. :TMSS YOGA does not integrate these elements into the teaching. Yoga exercises and breathing, meditation and knowledge about anatomy are taught. Energy centers are sometimes used in Yoga Nidra or as an educational point in time.
  • Do I have to be due to or have a special faith to practice TMSS YOGA?
    No. Because your personal opinion is your choice.
  • Online course is it only on a desktop computer?
    You can access the courses in different devices, e.g. laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Can I get a payment slip in my local bank?
    All payments are made online through the website. Since the site has a payment system and is directly connected to a booking system then it is not possible to ask for a payment slip in a bank.
  • Are my card details safe?
    Payments for the courses are processed through a secure and trusted payment gateway, ensuring the security of your financial information. Your data is encrypted and handled with the utmost care to provide you with a secure and worry-free trading experience.
  • Can individual TMSS YOGA classes be purchased?
    No unfortunately. It is only possible to purchase courses in a hall or live online or only online courses. They all come with different subscription periods.
  • Is an online course complicated from a computer point of view?
    No, it's very simple. TMSS YOGA uses "fit by Wix" and the app is simple and convenient to use. Also, if you can use a computer, telephone and write e-mails, this will be useful.
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