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A closer look at Musculoskeletal Yoga/TMSS yoga online

TMSS yoga classes are not traditional yoga classes because more attention is paid to connecting mind and body together to achieve more targeted results in exercises.

How are the classes?

Each program is designed for 4 weeks or 8 sessions and is practiced 2 times a week with a teacher in Live Classes. However, if you have a subscription to Video Classes, you have more freedom with your scheduling, as you have access for 30 days from purchase.

The beginning is important

Each class begins with grounding and getting into the environment, drawing attention to your self and letting go of what is outside of ourselves. The choice is whether you want to do it standing, sitting or lying down. What does your body want today?

It is important to be aware of the body and in the body when we practice TMSS Yoga.

Coordinate breathing and movement

You work on each body part individually to achieve the best results and connect breathing with the movements, "harmonizing breathing and movement". It simplifies practice and releases stiffness and tension in the muscles sooner, and you are always aware of which muscles you are working with at any given time. Attracts your attention all the time.

Yoga props always at hand

All exercises use some kind of yoga Props and in traditional yoga is mostly yoga mats and blocks, but in TMSS Yoga, everything is used.

Prop is a block, strap, ball,massage roller, yoga pillow, blanket, pillow, and chair. All of them are to help the body so that you can adapt the positions as best as possible for you.

Help is also available online all the time

In the classes, good stretching exercises are done, light strength exercises to activate the inner most muscles of the body. Massage with a soft roller and ball to soften the muscles and release the fascia. Last but not least, you learn to listen to your body every time to show yourself kindness. Each class ends in deep and restorative relaxation.

Live Yoga Classes are set up like this:

·         5- 10 minutes grounding/breathing

·        10 minutes gentle warm-up/stretches

·        10-15 minutes of exercises by body part

·        10-15 minutes kneading/rolling

·        20 minutes Relaxation

Yoga Video Classes are consecutive.

It's sorted by level (Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced) and also by which part of the body you're working with at the time (Legs-Hands-Back-Chest-Neck-Toes-Fingers) and also (Upper-Lower) So you can search depending on what suits you on the day you want to practice.

Dear reader

As I close this chapter of my blog, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your time and presence. Your support means a lot to me and if you enjoyed the reading and listen to my podcast the Meditation Temple , send me a heart or comment on the blog, consider subscribing for more. Your commitment is at the heart of this community.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure with me.

With gratitude,

Rakel Eyfjörður

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