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When the Yoga hall was found - August 2020 to have the yoga studio

The yoga hall is now under construction and is located at Sunnuhlíð 12 Akureyri for the new studio

the house sunnuhlíð 12 in akureyri iceland

The hall is where the Driving school used to be, and surely there are some who have memories of learning to drive a car there, but it's time to spread the word, because the room has been empty for a while and is ready to welcome guests at a new game but in a difficult form.

We have been working on the hall to meet the requirements, including quarantine, as the situation is now and everything is clicking together.

We will have an open house for guests on Thursday, September 3, 2020 and will welcome you and will offer free introductory sessions and many other fun activities.

We are located at Sunnuhlíð shopping center 12 in Akureyir

,enter on the west side (to the right from the main entrance) up to the 2nd floor.

We will be well marked before the opening so we are very much looking forward to seeing you and welcoming you to us

Sincerely, Rakel and Gerður

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