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Gift cards & returns


1.000 ISK

Fyrir þann sem þér þykir vænt um eða bara fyrir þig....
Fyrir þann sem þér þykir vænt um eða bara fyrir þig.

1.000 ISK
2.500 ISK
5.000 ISK
Other amount

 The following gift card terms and conditions apply to all gift cards.

Treat this gift card like cash.

The YogaHofi is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or lost cards or cards used without your permission. To use this card, contact how you want to use the gift certificate, if you want to redeem it for online time, products or attend an appointment. This gift card can be redeemed for everything YogaHofið has to offer, in merchandise for sale and live classes purchased online or in a studio. Exclusions apply. Not redeemable for yoga trips or retreats organized by the Yogahof.  This card cannot be redeemed for cash unless required by law. This card does not expire and is exempt from any additional fees. Use of this card constitutes acceptance of these (and all future) terms and conditions. YogaHofið is a registered trademark and all rights reserved

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