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Yoga Nidra 

Did you know that there is a style of yoga that just involves relaxing on your body, on a mat, blanket or even your bed?

Yoga Nidra means Yoga Sleep and is an ancient method to unite body and mind in a rejuvenating deep relaxation. The best thing about this Yoga Nidra is that 30-45 minutes of guided listening can be done four hours of sleep.

No previous experience of yoga or meditation practice is required for Yoga Nidra. The advantages are that anyone can do it. Deep relaxation has a good effect on the musculoskeletal system, and not least for people who are coping
applies to post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and insomnia and so on is mentioned.

If you are ready to reduce stress in your body through static exercise methods, I invite you to discover the healing power of Yoga Nidra.

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Yoga Nidra course

A closer look

A practitioner feels comfortable lying down:

It is good to get into a comfortable position before listening so that your body feels good the whole time. Lie in "corp pose" on your back and it is good to put a pillow under your knees to relieve the scapula, a thin pillow or a blanket under your head, hands lie on your side and palms facing up.

It's good to have a blanket so you don't get cold.

Connection into listening:

The instructor begins by leading you into breathing, connecting you to your present self. You feel how your body relaxes and your mind begins to calm down, the perception of listening becomes deeper, you begin to draw attention to yourself in the moment. An intention for the deep relaxation is made and it is broad every time for each practitioner. What is it that you need right now?

Body scan:

The instructor guides your thinking about the body, draws your attention to each body part individually. Get a deeper connection with your self and the present. You will feel your whole body becoming more relaxed as you listen.

Wide range listening:

The instructor guides your thoughts to other places after a body scan, and it is different for each Nidra. It could be to get more relaxation, more understanding, more energy or a walking story. Whatever Nidran is, it is to help the subconscious mind to process stress. No instructor has the same Nidras although some are similar.

In conclusion: Silence. 

The instructor gives the trainee time to rest listening for about 5-10 minutes. Some people achieve such extreme relaxation that they float around in time and space in their minds while others even fall asleep. There is no right or wrong method in Yoga Nidra, some people need more rest than others less and falling asleep is just good, it was just what the body and mind needed at that time.

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I had been on a course at TMSS YOGA and wanted to try Nidra because I had heard that it helped to achieve better relaxation.
Rakel is just a great teacher, her voice took me all the way into my self and it was much easier than I thought to achieve deep relaxation. I have attended several classes with her in the hall and it never fails that I quickly relax my mind and body.
Thanks for me and thanks for this great course now online.


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